What's a Cimbrian?

Cimbrian is loaded with dedicated professionals, slightly off-center individuals, serious thinkers and hilarious storytellers. One trait we certainly all share is that we're passionate about your brand and making you more successful. Our work for you inspires us. It obsesses us. Often it keeps us up at night. And sometimes it lets us sleep like warm, happy babies.

But what does it mean?

The Cimbrians were a nomadic tribe living in Europe before the time of the Roman Empire. They were a practical people who could do amazing things with limited resources. They were expert craftsmen, doing more with less in the structures they built and using resources one way during uncertain times and another way during more settled periods.

We chose our name because we really relate to this particular bunch. They avoided becoming a large, unwieldy colony, remaining nimble to survive and thrive in a turbulent time of constant change.

Today, the name Cimbrian stands for a select group of tightly knit, highly-skilled professionals, dedicated to building brands, business and profits through the unprecedented fusion of your business and your brand.

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