Cimbrian Marketing Services

We see to it that you send the right message to the right people through the right channel, all while staying true to your brand. Because we're experts in traditional media, social media, and the Internet, we can prove what works and why, to validate your ROI. So let's work together to better understand your audiences, build your brand strength and see the tangible results.

Public Relations

The purpose of public relations hasn't changed. We still work to alter perceptions, influence behavior and create chatter. What's changed is how you get your message out. Your audiences—including the media—are getting information by email, Web sites, social media, Twitter, blogs, iPhone apps, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. We ensure you use the right vehicles to deliver the most relevant messages to your audiences.

Advertising & Design

Nothing conveys your brand more immediately. Nothing tells your story with more impact. Nothing builds your credibility and trust with more force. To us, design is simplicity, elegance and power. The simplicity of stripping away all but the most essential information. The elegance of intuitive communications and packaging. And the power of delivering the heart and soul of your brand, directly to the heart and soul of your audiences.

Web Sites

Digital technologies have expanded the universe exponentially. There's more real estate for your brand than ever before. More channels of communication. And more opportunities to research, understand and connect with customers. We combine smart business strategy with an engaging user experience to create verifiable benefits for you. Your Web site is your 24/7 salesperson and the centerpiece for all your marketing. We know how to make it deliver sales for you.

Social Marketing

Your audiences live online. Do you? Social media sites let your audiences communicate and interact with each other and your brand in a way that resembles a real conversation way more than traditional marketing ever made possible. And the resulting opportunities for you are unparalleled.

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