Cimbrian Sales Services

Our integrated marketing
and sales lead-generation programs are proven to provide your business with a remarkable—and nearly immediate stream—of qualified leads, RFPs and booked appointments. And we don't just get you more leads. We're able to follow up on them for you with our dedicated call center.

Lead Generation

Cimbrian Lead Generation gets you higher quality leads at dramatically lower costs, without needing to increase your marketing staff. Gain higher-probability sales opportunities with greater frequency, open up new sales territories, set appointments for webinars and generate PR, speaking engagements and prospect appointments.

List Enrichment

Our ultimate mission is to develop prospect intelligence and enrich your lists. The multitouch communications program we initiate to support your business is a mix of emails, direct print and other communications that drive your audiences back to your Web site. Through this process, you'll learn a tremendous amount about prospects, leading to increased sales.

Trade Shows

It’s time to put your brand up on the stage. One of the most cost-effective and productive sales generators, tradeshow marketing is more popular than ever. Cimbrian works with you to ensure that every detail conveys your brand and marketing strategy and our expertise let you achieve your goals and maximize your budget.

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