Cimbrian Technology Services

We're pioneers in custom software technology, targeted messaging, one-to-one marketing, SEO and SEM, print on demand, content and channel management and campaign tracking. We help you employ these tools to fine-tune your messages and deliver them in the most effective way that leads to real results… like sales.

PURLs, Direct Mail and
Direct Email

A PURL in your direct mail guides readers to your site. And along the way, you'll gather information about these visitors. In addition, email can be a powerful way to reinforce your message and your relationship with prospects and customers. It can also be a way to learn about prospects and drive them back to your site.

eCommerce Sites

Cimbrian offers a full range of eCommerce services to help new and existing businesses do business online. Off-the-shelf stores can make you look like everyone else, which means visitors forget you. We combine web expertise, creative talent and business know-how to help clients from a variety of industries to achieve rapid, measurable and sustainable results from your eCommerce site. Whether you sell digital or physical goods, we support your business goals to increase conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Cimbrian establishes predictable results before you send your very first email. We target the right audiences to get the right response and we grow your email lists dramatically to improve your results. Our creative and successful email marketing experts ensure that your subject lines, message content and creative designs all help you grow your revenue and motivate your audience segments to act. Our comprehensive methodology constantly refines and analyzes all parts of the communication process, making adjustments to improve results. Our experienced team can work with all existing technology platforms.


Search engine optimization and paid marketing strategies change in a blink. We're pioneers in developing high-perfomance SEO and SEM and we stay a step ahead of our competition to keep you ahead of your competition.

Adaptive Marketing

We’ve developed a revolutionary system that transforms your Web site to intelligently, dynamically and automatically adapt based on who's visiting. Your Web site's images change in real time to be more relevant, the text modifies to be highly pertinent and offerings update to resonate with perfect pitch.

iPhone Apps

The iPhone, when incorporated into a larger e-based marketing program, puts your brand in their pocket to help you become a part of their life—for business or pleasure. One of the biggest media brands in the world currently uses Cimbrian to develop all of its iPhone and iTouch applications. We've also developed a unique App Development Environment that allows even non-techies to build iPhone apps that help you sell and support your brand.

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