Web Sites by Cimbrian

  • St.Onge

    St. Onge is a world-recognized supply chain strategy and logistics consulting firm.

    St. Onge wanted the revised site to reflect their global presence. Cimbrian worked with senior management to establish a new, refined brand that came to life with copy and graphics throughout the site. A robust client page helped to drive home the worldwide appeal of this company.

    Visit www.stonge.com

  • PA DUI Association : U-TURN

    U-TURN is a social-norms campaign that challenges 16-to-20-year-olds to rethink their perceptions about alcohol use and underage drinking and driving. The campaign consists of events, online interaction, music, fashion and the U-TURN PSA Video Contest.

    Pullayouee.com is the core of the U-TURN campaign; challenging kids to generate their own content while learning from the educational material provided. Cimbrian developed the site with the important understanding that our target audience would want to hear the U-TURN message in their world, their way and in their words.

    Check out the case study

    Visit www.pullayouee.com

    PA DUI : U-Turn Campaign
  • Chicco

    Chicco is an Italy-based company that produces gear and toys for babies, infants and toddlers. The U.S. branch of the company asked Cimbrian to redesign their site to better appeal to the American market.

    Simplicity became the focus of the site in photography, layout and navigation. The online store's clean, uncluttered look reflects the high-end quality the company wants to be known for. Functionality in the site includes product registration and a store locator.

    This site won first place in the Manufacturing category of the Central Penn Business Journal's Best of the Web contest.

    Visit www.chiccousa.com

  • Student Services
    at Millersville University

    Student Services has been a vital part of student life at Millersville University since 1956. They approached Cimbrian for a fresh design that provides information to students about their services and promotes their online clothing and textbook store. The site also allows teachers and students to sign up for A/V equipment as well as reserve meeting rooms.

    Wandering the halls of the student center gave us the inspiration for the site. Corkboards and flyers were the main form of communication between Student Services and students. We carried that thought to their Web site and created a unique, tactile experience.

    Visit www.studentservicesinc.com

    Student Services of Millersville University
  • Student Lodging

    Student Lodging provides off-campus housing for the students of Millersville University. Student Services (previous Web site example) runs Student Lodging but the two sites had no continuity and weren't previously linked together. Cimbrian took the corkboard inspiration from Student Services and carried it into this site, added photo slideshows of all the residences and cleaned up all content layouts.

    The Student Lodging site is the hub of information for any student looking for off-campus housing. Cimbrian added functionality to the site that enabled students to explore different properties, search for vacancies and interact with property management.

    Visit www.studentlodginginc.com

    Student Lodging of Millersville University
  • NSI Nursing Solutions

    NSI Nursing Solutions works with hosptial adminstrators and nurses nationwide to facilitate large quanitity staffing recruitments.

    Because NSI Nursing Solutions serves two distinct audience types, the client's vision was to have a video spokesperson guide visitors throughout each site. Cimbrian handled the talent search and oversaw the filiming and production of the video. In addition, the nurses' site includes a map of employment opportunities and the administrators' side includes a savings calculator.

    The NSI site won first place in the healthcare category of the 2009 Central Penn Business Journal's Best of the Web competition.

    Visit www.nsinursingsolutions.com

    NSI Nursing Solutions
  • Hanover Lantern

    Hanover Lantern is a leading American manufacturer of made-to-order cast aluminum outdoor lighting products.

    Cimbrian felt that the original site did not convey the craftsmanship, quality and beauty of the fixtures that Hanover creates. We took inspiration from their products and created a site that would appeal to the visual customers that they attract.

    Cimbrian built a robust Product Management System so Hanover could easily update artwork, photos and spec sheets on the site. Applicatons were also incorporated into the site so viewers could find store locatons and representatives close to their Zip Code.

    Visit www.hanoverlantern.com

    Hanover Lantern
  • Forge CAD

    Forge is a Computer Aided Dispatch system used by Law Enforcement, Fire and other public-safety venues.

    When Forge came to Cimbrian, they needed naming, branding, promotional materials, a trade show booth and a new Web site. Cimbrian branded them as Forge-highlighting the customization features of the product-and created all supporting sales materials. The site took on the look of the new brand and continues to provide important information to customers interested in the system.

    The Forge Web site took second place in the Technology category at the 2009 Central Penn Business Journal's Best of the Web contest.

    Visit www.forgecad.com

    Forge CAD
  • BIA Spring Home Show

    The Spring Home Show is an annual event organized by the Building Industry Association of Lancaster. Cimbrian assisted the BIA in promoting the 2009 event through the concept and design of billboards, ads and a redesign of the event Web site. All the elements were tied together with common messages, graphics and color schemes. The advertising materials drove interested patrons to the Web site where they could learn about exhibitors, seminars, get a map of the booth locations and download an admission coupon.

    Visit www.lancasterbuilders.org

    2009 BIA Spring Home Show
  • Flinchbaugh Engineering

    Flichbaugh is one of the largest on-shore contract manufacturers specializing in finished machined components for a wide variety of purposes.

    Flinchbaugh needed their new Web site to reflect the sophistication and expertise they bring to every customers product. Using custom photography and targeted copy developed by Cimbrian, the new site clearly communicates Flinchbaugh's unique selling points and competitive advantages. The main focus of the site was an interactive survey Cimbrian created for users to gauge if Flinchbaugh is the right fit.

    Visit www.flinchbaughengineering.com

    Flinchabugh Engineering
  • Strategic Cell Migration

    Strat Cell is a sub-business of Flinchbaugh Engineering (previous slide) that specializes in the transfer of production lines from companies that no longer find them profitable. Cimbrian was asked to develop naming, branding, promotional materials and a new Web site to support the long-term sales strategy developed by senior management. To help prospective customers understand the entire migration process, Cimbrian created an animated movie that walks prospective customers through the core steps. Cimbrian also developed a rate calculator that managers can use to receive an estimate of the money they could save by using Strat Cell's services.

    Visit www.stratcell.com

    Strategic Cell Migration
  • Hamilton Club of Lancaster

    The Hamilton Club is a members-only club located in downtown Lancaster. The Club has a very rich tradition and its membership includes some of the more prominent people in the county.

    The original site lacked all the richness and exclusivity that were synonomous with the Club.

    Cimbrian was hired to develop a concept for the site with construction being handled by a company specializing in member club sites. The inspiration for the site came from the majestic interior of the Club itself. The beautiful moldings and rich patterns were incorporated into the design to wrap the viewer in the Club's allure.

    Hamilton Club of Lancaster
  • Mignatti Companies

    Mignatti is a fourth generation home builder specializing in communities for adults and seniors.

    The original Mignatti brand was outdated and Cimbrian was asked to conduct research among internal staff as well as current Mignatti homeowners to determine a core branding position. Cimbrian branded Mignatti around the tagline "Because home goes beyond the walls."

    A key feature of the new site is a floorplan designer for prospective homeowners. The designer helps the homebuyer play with available options and then save their results to later discuss with a Mignatti sales person.

    Visit www.mignatti.com

    Mignatti Companies
  • Drogaris Companies

    Ed Drogaris, a prominent real estate developer, came to Cimbrian with the desire to establish a corporate brand for his business and properties. His original logo and Web site did not convey the beauty and sophistication of his development projects. The new brand determined the direction for supporting promotional materials and the revised Web site.

    The main Web site for Drogaris Companies showcases beautiful interior photographs as well as highlighting the five properties they own. Within the main Drogaris Companies site, each of the five properties has their own site which provides more information, floorplans and interior shots for each building.

    Visit www.drogariscompanies.com

    Drogaris Companies
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